Videos of Speeches:

Note: We thank Michael Rosenberg for his tremendous effort in recording, editing and putting these videos together.


Latin Anthem by Ruben Obed

Speech by Arvind Kumar, Hindu American activist/Organizer

Statement from Kathy Shelton for All American Rally, victim of Hillary Clinton, read by Wendy Bass.

Song ‘Golden Door’ by Ruben Obed, Hispanics for Trump

Speech by Daphne Goggins, African Americans for Trump

Speech by Satya Dosapati, Hindu Americans activist/Organizer

Speech by Rimma Rosenberg, Jewish Americans for Trump

Speech by Monica Lee Morrill, Korean Americans for Trump

Speech by Haidi Little, Chinese Americans for Trump

Poem by Rich Cabinella, Entertainment & Radio Host, Trump Supporter

Speech by Vincent Bruno, from Hindus for Trump

Speech by Dahoud Andre, Haitian American

Speech by Bruce Carter, Blackmen for Bernie, co-organizer