Please support us to enable us do similar rallies in this as well as other swing states.   Note: This is contribution to a PAC and is not tax deductible.

3 possible ways to contribute:

1) Using Credit Card

2) Using Chase bank App on smartphone (zero fee)
Transfer funds to

3) Transfer into Chase account (if you are a member of Chase bank)
Account Name:  Black men for Bernie,  Account Number:  8521166011 (Texas account)

Federal Election Guidelines:

Black men for Bernie is a ‘Political Committee’ and there are certain rules in making contributions:

i) Contribution from individuals is limited to a maximum of $5000/-. 

ii) Contributions from Organizations which are not for Profit is limited to $1000/-.

While these are guidelines, please check at FEC website and your accountant for more details.  FEC citizens guide is here.