All American Rally for Trump scheduled for October 16, 1:30 PM near Liberty Bell

All American Rally for Trump scheduled for October 16, 1:30 PM near Liberty Bell (map)



The All American Rally for Trump will now be held at 1:30 PM on October 16th next to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.  The rally was originally scheduled for October 8th but had to be postponed twice, first to October 9th and then to October 16th, due to rains from Hurricane Matthew.

Since its initial announcement, the event has gained momentum with a number of groups confirming participation and it will feature speakers and music as part of the program.

Apart from the organizers Satya Dosapati, Bruce Carter and Arvind Kumar, the list of speakers will include Haitian community activist Dahoud Andre who is also the host of Eritye Papa Desalin radio program and a member of KOMOKODA, Ward leader in the sixteenth ward in North Philadelphia Daphne Goggins, Jewish American representative Rima Yakobovich, Monica Morrell representing the Korean Americans, Haidi Little of the Chinese-American community, and radio host Simply Monica. Other groups such as the Yazidis have sent messages expressing support.

Hispanic singer and songwriter Ruben Obed who is also a winner of the Puerto Rican talent show Es Tiempo es Oro will perform at the event. 

The event will also feature a statement from Kathy Shelton who was raped as a 12-year old and whose attacker was defended by Hillary Clinton. The organizers also rope in Kathleen Willey who has accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her but her participation is pending confirmation.

The rally is the creation of Hindu activists Arvind Kumar and Satya Dosapati along with Bruce Carter who is the founder of the group Black Men for Bernie. Satya Dosapati and Arvind Kumar were the organizers of a major protest rally at the University of Pennsylvania in 2013 when faculty members muzzled the free speech rights of students.

For media inquiries, email or contact Arvind Kumar at (646) 389-7622.


All American Rally for Trump for October 9 postponed again due to weather

Date to be announced.  


About All American Rally for Trump

We are group of activists from across the cross section to showcase support for Trump runs across many communities especially in swing states.
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