All American Rally for Trump at Independence Mall a huge success (map)


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The All American Rally for Trump was successfully held at the Independence Mall in Philadelphia on October 16 with participation from a number of groups.


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Despite postponing the rally two times due to bad weather resulting from Hurricane Matthew, various groups including Hindus, Chinese Americans, Jewish groups, Hispanics, Whites, Haitians, Pakistani minorities, Muslims and African Americans participated in the rally.

The primary organizers of the rally were Satya Dosapati and Arvind Kumar who are Hindu activists with a history of organizing other rallies and protest events. They roped in Bruce Carter who is the founder of Black Men for Bernie for this event.

Satya Dosapati and Arvind Kumar were instrumental in bringing together several groups from various backgrounds to join them. Many participants who attended the rally came from other states and many participants represented hundreds of people from the groups to which they belonged.

“It was satisfying to see participants from different backgrounds coming from far away places such as Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, DC and Puerto Rico and speak passionately why they believe Hillary is not the best candidate for the country and why Trump will be a refreshing change from political establishment ruining our country,” said Satya Dosapati.

A statement sent by Kathy Shelton who was raped at the age of 12 and whose attacker was defended by Hillary Clinton was read out at the rally by Wendy Bass. The moving statement stunned the crowd into silence and the reporter from CBS was seen wiping away his tears when the statement touched upon the fact that she could never have children. In Kathy Shelton’s own words, “You see I was brutally raped and beaten and left in a coma for 5 days. My injuries were so severe I can never have children.” The statement also highlighted the fact that Hillary Clinton knew that her client was guilty but had prevented evidence from being introduced, and many years later, she even laughed about her role in the case on camera.

In addition to various speakers, songs by the Hispanic singer Ruben Obed enthralled the crowd with his catchy tunes. The rally began with a popular song by Ruben Obed that has gone viral on the internet. Participants at the rally carried placards with various messages that showed support for Donald Trump as well as opposition to Hillary Clinton based on her policies of supporting wars and Wall Street bailouts as well as her husband’s crime bill in the 1990s which resulted in the mass incarceration of blacks.

The most energetic participation was from Chinese Americans. Chinese American activist and organizer Heidi Little spoke at the rally and described how “Hillary Clinton will give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants when our social security and welfare system cannot meet the needs of even our own citizens.”

Rimma Yakobovich who was the representative of Jewish Americans highlighted Hillary Clinton’s secret speech to Wall Street executives and pointed out that her ‘Open Border’ plan would bankrupt and destroy our country. “It sounds great for Wall Street,” she added.

Monica Lee Morrill, part of Korean Americans for Trump, spoke about real hope and change, transparency, and truth in the election process. She also stood against the corruption of the Clinton political machine even mentioning Wikileaks and calling out, “We the People demand fair elections!”

Daphne Goggins, an African American ward leader from North Philadelphia, stated that her support for Donald Trump was based on his education and economic policies and stated that the Democratic Party did not own them as though they were slaves.

In a powerful statement, Haitian activist Dahoud Andre described how Haitians were cheated out of the money collected for the 2010 Haiti Earthquake by the Clinton Foundation and brought out the pain of Haitians when he described that if a dog ran against Hillary Clinton, they would vote for the dog.

Bruce Carter, the founder of Black Men for Bernie, expressed surprise at the lack of protesters. “I am surprised at the lack of protesters based on past actions of Democrats when they don’t agree with something,” he said.

Vincent Bruno represented the group “Hindus for Trump” and showed up with a huge poster which stated the name of his group. He stated in his speech that Trump was the only candidate who had expressed support for Hindus. According to him, “Donald Trump had sided with India and Hindus, Hillary Clinton had sided against India and Hindus.”

Aruna Pal, a Hindu activist from New York traveled to Philadelphia to attend the rally. She explained her support for the rally by saying, “Mr. Trump’s policies will result in a system where no religion, gender, race or other kinds of subgroup will monopolize the system”

Arvind Kumar, one of the organizers of the event called the event successful beyond expectations and stated, “We are proud that Hindus have played a unifying role in the country and brought together people of almost every faith and ethnic group in the world.”

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Videos of Speeches

Note: We thank Michael Rosenberg for his tremendous effort in recording, editing and putting these videos together.


Latin Anthem by Ruben Obed

Speech by Arvind Kumar, Hindu American activist/Organizer

Statement from Kathy Shelton for All American Rally, victim of Hillary Clinton, read by Wendy Bass. 

(Kathy’s touching statement that brought people to tears can be read here)

Song ‘Golden Door’ by Ruben Obed, Hispanics for Trump

Speech by Daphne Goggins, African Americans for Trump

Speech by Satya Dosapati, Hindu Americans activist/Organizer.

(Download the speech here).

Speech by Rimma Rosenberg, Jewish Americans for Trump

Speech by Monica Lee Morrill, Korean Americans for Trump

Speech by Haidi Little, Chinese Americans for Trump

Poem by Rich Cabinella, Entertainment & Radio Host, Trump Supporter

Speech by Vincent Bruno, from Hindus for Trump

Speech by Dahoud Andre, Haitian American

Speech by Bruce Carter, Blackmen for Bernie, co-organizer


All American Rally for Trump scheduled for October 16, 1:30 PM near Liberty Bell (map)


website: AllAmericanRallyforTrump.com
contact: AllAmericanRally@gmail.com

The All American Rally for Trump will now be held at 1:30 PM on October 16th next to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.  The rally was originally scheduled for October 8th but had to be postponed twice, first to October 9th and then to October 16th, due to rains from Hurricane Matthew.

Since its initial announcement, the event has gained momentum with a number of groups confirming participation and it will feature speakers and music as part of the program.

Apart from the organizers Satya Dosapati, Bruce Carter and Arvind Kumar, the list of speakers will include Haitian community activist Dahoud Andre who is also the host of Eritye Papa Desalin radio program and a member of KOMOKODA, Ward leader in the sixteenth ward in North Philadelphia Daphne Goggins, Jewish American representative Rima Yakobovich, Monica Morrill representing the Korean Americans, Haidi Little of the Chinese-American community, and radio host Simply Monica. Other groups such as the Yazidis have sent messages expressing support.

Hispanic singer and songwriter Ruben Obed who is also a winner of the Puerto Rican talent show Es Tiempo es Oro will perform at the event. 

The event will also feature a statement from Kathy Shelton who was raped as a 12-year old and whose attacker was defended by Hillary Clinton. The organizers also rope in Kathleen Willey who has accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her but her participation is pending confirmation.

The rally is the creation of Hindu activists Arvind Kumar and Satya Dosapati along with Bruce Carter who is the founder of the group Black Men for Bernie. Satya Dosapati and Arvind Kumar were the organizers of a major protest rally at the University of Pennsylvania in 2013 when faculty members muzzled the free speech rights of students.

For media inquiries, email AllAmericanRally@gmail.com or contact Arvind Kumar at (646) 389-7622.


All American Rally for Trump for October 9 postponed again due to weather

Date to be announced.  




All American Rally for Trump rescheduled for October 9

Sunday October 9, 1:30 PM, near Liberty Bell (map)


The All American Rally for Trump in Philadelphia will now take place at 1:30 PM on October 9 instead of October 8 due to the possibility of rain resulting from Hurricane Matthew.

The venue remains unchanged and will be the People’s Plaza near the Liberty Bell. The political rally is the creation of Hindu and African American activists and has gained momentum since its initial announcement. Several groups have confirmed participation and the rally has been prominently covered in the media.

The organizers plan to organize a series of rallies in other swing states. While Philadelphia will be the venue for the first rally, other rallies will be scheduled in the swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio when sufficient funds are raised.

Details of the rally can be found at AllAmericanRallyforTrump.com. For media inquiries, email allamericanrally@gmail.com or contact Arvind Kumar at (646) 389-7622.



NOTE: Earlier Press Release below with date of the rally as October 8 but now changed to October 9

All American Rally for Trump in Philadelphia, PA
Oct 8th, 2016,  1:30 PM


In a potential game changer in the 2016 presidential election, activists from around the country have come together to organize a political rally supporting Donald Trump in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

The first ‘All American Rally for Trump’ will take place at 1:30 PM on October 8 at the People’s Plaza located in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The rally is the creation of Indian Americans and African Americans who have come together and it will feature Indian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Haitian Americans, Jewish Americans and other groups who wish to see Donald Trump win the election.

Bruce Carter who is the founder of Black Men for Bernie along with Hindu activists Satya Dosapati and Arvind Kumar are the main organizers of the rally.Over 1,500 people are expected to attend the rally which signifies the coming together of many people for their own reasons. Satya Dosapati, who is one of the organizers stated, “This is a very important election. It is the first time the voters have seen through the establishment’s manipulation of the electoral process and have decided to assert themselves.”
“The Clinton family and Bush family partner with each other to advance the agenda of corporate welfare and illegitimate wars. This is an opportunity to end the political fortunes of both families,” added Arvind Kumar.
Philadelphia has a large black population which has been let down by politicians who typically use them to further their careers. Elaborating on the reason for organizing this rally, Bruce Carter stated, “Black voters can no longer afford to be slaves to any party.”
The organizers plan to organize a series of rallies in other swing states. While Philadelphia will be the venue for the first rally, other rallies will be scheduled in the swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio when sufficient funds are raised.
For media inquiries, email allamericanrally@gmail.com or contact Arvind Kumar at (646) 389-7622.